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Thai Massage Classes for 2017

Thai Massage 1 : Introduction to Thai Massage, Supine & Sitting Position

One day class /8 hrs. CEU / $160

This class is an introduction to Thai Massage. Learn about the history of Thai Massage, Zen sib, energy lines. Students are taught to use the body, body mechanic movements, and application of force or pressure. Learn to do pressurepoints on energy lines and Thai Masage precedures on supine position. Practice with partner.

On sitting pisition, review the energy lines on the back, scapular, shoulder, neck. Builds upon Thai stretching techniques on sitting position. Learn the face massage and practice with partner.

Thai Massage 2 : Prone & Side Lying Position

One day class / 7 hrs. CEU / $140

Review the energy lines on the back part of body; feet, legs, hips, back, shoulder, arms, hands and neck. Learn the procedures of Thai massage on prone position and practice with partner.

Review the energy lines on the side of body; feet, legs, hip, back, arm, hand and neck on side position. Learn to do pressure points on energy lines and the Thai procedure on side position then practice with partner.

Stretch Your Clients :

One day class / 6 hrs. CEU / $120

Learn Thai stretching techniques on all positions, i.e., supine, side, prone, sitting and applications with partner.

Thai Foot Massage :

One day class / 6 hrs. CEU / $120

Learn reflex areas of the feet which correspond to all of glands, organds and other parts of the body. Also practices techniques to apply on the toes, the bottom, side, and top of the foot, as well as lower leg. Hands-on practice one hour routine.

Thai Herbal Massage :

One day class / 6 hrs. CEU / $120

Students are taught to make the herbal ball and the technique of applying hot herbal compress ball to the skin after massage, as well as the benefits of Thai herbs. This unique combination of heat, herbs, aromatic scent and massage is practiced by the students with their partners.




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